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Yoga Shimo-Oyamada-cho Machida

Drops of YOGA

​ Approaching chronic illness

your original

A studio specializing in yogic care therapy that restores sensitivity

When was the last time you were impressed by the color of the sky?


Drops of YOGA is surrounded by rich Satoyama,

Based in Shimo-Oyamada, Machida City, Tokyo

A studio specializing in yoga therapy.

​ Visiting counseling and online counseling available nationwide.

A therapist with international yoga therapist qualifications

・Physical aspect

・Psychological aspect


We will explore the real cause of your illness from various angles,

Create your own health improvement plan

​While executing the plan together

By moving your body, mind, and soul closer to true health

Your original sensitivity will return..

Yogic care therapy starting in January 2024,

We are accepting advance reservations.

​If you make a reservation within the year, all courses will be half price.

Free information sessions are held on weekday afternoons and Saturdays.

​Please make a reservation from the bottom of the page.


About Yogic Care Therapy

Client-led essential therapy that works together to improve physical and mental disorders that you have given up on.

​ Yogic care therapy approaches the real cause of physical and mental disorders that you are currently experiencing by using both verbal counseling based on interviews and nonverbal counseling that listens to your body. I will continue to do so.

And in the disorder improvement plan,


・Breathing method

・Physical approaches such as yoga and exercise


・Ayurvedic traditional medical approach

・Philosophical thinking method that changes the way you perceive things

and so on.

​Like a concierge, we will plan a method that suits your condition, constitution, and current situation from a huge number of methods, and guide you to true health by continuing from small steps. Masu.

It is also recommended for those who don't know which one is right for them among all the health methods out there.


Flow of Yogic Care Therapy

First​We will listen carefully to your health condition.

before we meet​Based on the [Counseling Sheet] that you fill out, we will provide thorough language counseling regarding your current physical condition, constitution, environment, past experiences, etc. This is an important time where many clients are surprised and satisfied, saying, ``I've never had someone listen to me so thoroughly,'' or ``I learned a lot about myself while talking.''


Next, your own​Take time to interact with your body.

therapist's​With support, you will take the time to face and interact with your own body. The way we interact with our bodies reflects the way we interact with life and the way we are ourselves. By staying in touch with your body, you can notice aspects of yourself that you were not aware of before. It has nothing to do with flexibility or physical ability. Even those who are injured or unwell can receive treatment. (If you are hospitalized or going to the hospital, your doctor's permission is required)


tailored to the current situationImplement the “Illness Improvement Plan” at home until the next counseling session

current illness or condition,We will create and deliver a completely individualized plan tailored to your constitution. We aim to improve your lifestyle, constitution, and mental health with content that can be done in 5 to 15 minutes a day within your daily life. The therapist will also provide thorough accompaniment so that it becomes a habit. At the next counseling session one month later, we will assess the progress of your illness and step up or modify your plan.

Female in her 40s

​Overeating tendency/Manic-depressive tendency

I was happy that they listened to me carefully and thought about it with me. What is necessary to live a happy life. I can't wait for my monthly counseling session.

Female in her 50s

​Overstress/adjustment disorder tendency

I realized that I hadn't been paying attention to myself. Also, when I focused on myself, I realized that I was pretending not to notice various emotions. It was a great opportunity for me to help support me in making choices about my future life.

Female in her 30s

​PMS/Seasonal disorders

First of all, I had never looked at myself this much with someone else, so when I was asked questions, I realized once again that I had thought that way, and it was clearly different from looking at myself on my own. I felt that. I always felt that yoga was right for me, but I couldn't believe that they were able to create a program that was tailored to each individual's needs! thank you! There was only that.

"Put your heart, mind, and soul into every little thing you do. That's the secret to success."

Swami Sivananda