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Reservation required lunch

Care from the inside of your body

At Drops of YOGA, we offer ``lunches made with the mind and body in mind'' before and after lessons, by reservation only.
After yoga, your metabolism increases and your absorption is better.
Why not eat something good for your body at the right time and make it a day that makes your mind and body happy?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

Yokohama Fujigaoka Vegan Restaurant

2bananeira."The powerful energy of plants"In order for you to feel as much as possible``We provide chemical-free plant-based (100% plant-based) dishes made with outdoor vegetables grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.''It's a bit of a niche restaurant.

You can take this Doisbananeira lunch box home on Tuesday.


Friday only"Batakopan"

Machida Tsurukawa Homemade yeast & domestic wheat bread

A popular local bakery that uses domestic wheat and homemade yeast to slowly ferment bread over a long period of time, using safe and reliable ingredients. All fillings are also handmade.

Please try our chewy and filling bread.

You can take home this Batakopan bread on Friday.

By appointment onlyIt becomes.

Vegan lunch box available after 12pm on Tuesdays,

Bread available after 12pm on Fridaysto

[Delivery at the studio]


In case of cancellation, until 18:00 the day before.Please contact.

・All prices areTax-included priceIt becomes.

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